If you are using NodeJS, you can install Persevere with NPM. Simply add Persevere packages as dependencies to your application's package.json and run npm install. To install the example wiki, you can simply install the example wiki package:

mkdir node_modules
cd node_modules
npm install persevere-example-wiki
And then to start it:
cd persevere-example-wiki
node index.js

If you want to run Persevere on Rhino, Persevere is built to work with RingoJS. Persevere packages can be installed with the ringo-admin package installation tool. Download RingoJS, and then install the packages: (note that errors about removing files are common with ringo-admin for some reason)

bin\ringo-admin install kriszyp/perstore
bin\ringo-admin install kriszyp/pintura
bin\ringo-admin install kriszyp/promised-io
bin\ringo-admin install kriszyp/templify
bin\ringo-admin install kriszyp/patr
bin\ringo-admin install kriszyp/rql
bin\ringo-admin install kriszyp/tunguska
bin\ringo-admin install kriszyp/json-schema
And to install the example wiki:

bin\ringo-admin install kriskowal/wiky
bin\ringo-admin install kriszyp/persevere-example-wiki

Download require.js to packages/requirejs/require.js (sorry, ringo-admin fails to install this package)

cd packages/persevere-example-wiki
..\..\bin\ringo -l persevere-example-wiki/ringo-index.js

(make sure to start ringo in legacy mode, Persevere uses advanced JavaScript features that are disabled by default in Ringo)